Black girl flexing muscles outdoors


Yeah, I was. I had a best friend that was a male whom was 5 years older than me that I gave him a black eye because he taunted me after stealing my flip flop. I told him once. “Don’t steal my flip flop!” He laughed and I punched him as fast and hard as I could flailing my short self up to hit him in the face. He began screaming horrificly as he held his eye and hauled ass back towards my step-mothers house. I was messing about in the mud or something knowing he was going to get his some how before dinner was called.

Matthew, my best friend went to tell my step-mother what I did. She told him to go and hit me back. That was all the impetus he needed to bring him back just as fast on his skinny legs where I was at near the playset and he sucker punched me in the same fucking eye. We shared matching black eyes for weeks. My step-brother was 10 years older than me and mean. He thought he should make me “tougher” since I already played with boys older and sometimes bigger than me. So, he had these different things he’d try. One of them involved how long could I keep this stuff called “snuff” in my mouth before spitting it out.

His friends would teach me a lesson when I tried playing catch with them and purposely aim for my stomach. I think at times he was mentally challenged or his testestorone just got in the way of his brain working properly. He tried to be funny and teach me to shoot his  double barrelled shot gun by telling me to keep the butt of the gun slightly away from my shoulder and pull both triggers. The thing almost knocked me down and I got mad and jammed his shotgun barrels first into the dirt and left it sitting there.

Being a girl while trying to get by in a boy world wasn’t easy. It was really fun and tough and I know I learned so much more than if I just hanged out with girls. I eventually did move to neighborhoods where it was mostly females and it was hard on me as I was always the one playing in the woods and just being off the chain whenever I could. The girls thought I was way too rough and mean to play with them most of the time. I still own more weapons than shoes to this day and I know how to proficiently use all said weapons. I have no problem with my femininity but I know that I’m always going to be that heathen, tom boy, warrior that you better watch your back around and if you’re my friend, I’ve got your back!


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